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Steel Toe Mickey Mouse Boots

Pin It Steel Toe Mickey Mouse Boots

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Looking for black steel toe Mickey Mouse boots? These boots are exceptionally rare and we only have one size available.  Buy yours today!  A majority of our Mickey Mouse boots are Bata brand.  Any boots that are not Bata brand are labeled "non bata".

DIFFERENT SIZES ARE DIFFERENT PRICES.   MOST of our steel toe boots are $99.99. 

Please keep in mind that Mickey Mouse boots FIT BIG!!!   I wear a 9.5 normal shoe, and a size 9 Mickey Mouse boot is PLENTY BIG on me.  Yes, I have small feet for a dude, but my point is that you will be smarter to ROUND DOWN than up.  Trust me on this.

If you need a different width (other than Regular), please make sure to pay attention to the width when ordering.   Please keep in mind that we don't always have all widths for all boots.  A REGULAR width Bata boot will work for over 95% of customers (even people with wide or extra wide feet, again, these boots FIT BIG even the width).   We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your Mickey Mouse boots.

YES, we do ship orders INTERNATIONALLY.   For orders to Canada just check out normal.  For orders to other countries, please contact us first on our contact us page to get a shipping quote.



Mickey Mouse boots have been designed to protect your feet from cold injury and frost bite in areas where moisture and cold are critical factors.  Black Mickey Mouse boots should not be worn where temperatures fall below -20F.

The part of the boot that keeps the feet warm consists of layers of wool and felt that are sealed between the rubber inner and outer layers of the boot so that no water can get into the insulation areas.

Marching, running, or heavy work for long periods will cause the feet to sweat.  However, this moisture cannot damage the insulation because of the waterproof rubber lining inside the boot.  The feet, even if damp, wills stay warm.  After a few days, your feet become used to this feeling.  If these boots are worn continuously, the skin appears wrinkled as if it had been soaked in water.  Drying the feet and putting on dry clean socks will cause this condition to disappear.  If ice water spills into the boot, it warms to body temperature rapidly.


Wear with one pair of socks, wool, cushion sole!  Fold the top of the sock over the top of boot to prevent slipping and wrinkling.

Cleaning instructions:

Sprinkle lightly with general purpose scouring powder or similar cleaning product.  Wet a soap impregnated steel wool pad and rub lightly.  Rinse with water.


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