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Frequently asked questions about Mickey Mouse boots.

What brand are your Mickey Mouse boots?
We carry Bata brand(pronounced "bay-tuh").  Occasionally we might have USGI, but not normally because Bata is typically preferred by customers.
Are your Mickey Mouse Boots new?
Yes, we only carry new boots.  Keep in mind that boots are heavy, made for, and stored by the military on top of each other.  This isn't like buying a pair of high heels for a wedding.  They are rugged and will occasionally have a minor blemish due to how they are stored and how heavy they are.  They last for decades.
When were Mickey Mouse Boots produced?
These boots were made between 1977 - 1992.  The government does not produce the same type or style of these boots any longer.
How much is shipping?
For the US, we charge $20 flat rate for shipping.  These boots are several pounds, so shipping typically costs us $17 to $25.  We just rounded it to $20 though for ease of billing.

Why don't you take checks, cashiers checks, or money orders?
We've taken these forms of payment in the past, but had problems with them.  First, the inventory on our site is accurate.  When a potential customer says they are sending a check, that means we have to set the item to the side so another customer doesn't buy it.  We then have to log into the website and modify the inventory so our website inventory remains accurate.  After that happens we have to wait for payment to arrive.  Once it arrives, we then have to go to the bank and cash it.  Keep in mind that we normally don't visit our bank so this adds labor to the process.  After cashing it, we then have to wait for the check to clear which can take a week.  We would do this by calling the bank or logging in online which creates extra work.   Once it's cashed, we then mail the product.  To cap it off, about 1 of every 5 customers that paid by check, didn't ever actually send in payment and would not respond to emails.  We then had to undo all the extra work we had done.  We know this is more information than you probably wanted to hear, but we get requests about once a month.

What is the difference between black and white Mickey Mouse boots?
The black Mickey Mouse boot is rated down to -20 F and is said to have oil/diesel resistant rubber to keep oil or diesel from eating the boot.
The white Mickey Mouse boot is designed for use in extreme cold weather from -20 F colder. It also is a little bigger and heavier (8oz. per boot) than the black boot because of the extra insulation.

Do Mickey Mouse boots come in half sizes?
No, they don’t, just round up or down half a size. For example, if you are a 9.5, just buy a 9 or 10.  They generally fit a little big though.  I wear a 9.5 normally and a 9 is plenty big for me.

What’s the valve on the side of the Mickey Mouse boots for?
Be sure to keep the valve closed except while airborne. The valve is meant to release pressure inside the boot that occurs at high altitudes.(i.e. flying in an unpressurized aircraft, or summiting Mt. McKinley) The valve is NOT FOR INFLATING your Mickey Mouse boots for a tight fit. DO NOT BLOW AIR INTO YOUR BOOTS, your breath will moisten the linings and impair the insulating quality of the boot.

What kind of socks should I wear with my Mickey Mouse boots?
Lots of people wear wool socks.  One pair of wool socks is recommended. Fold the top of the sock over the top of the boot to prevent slipping, bunching, and chafing. Change your sock at least once daily. 

How many socks should I wear with my Mickey Mouse boots?
Just one pair.  Some people wear two pairs for a more snug fit.

How cold are Mickey Mouse boots rated for?
The black Mickey Mouse boots are rated for temperatures down to -20 F; the white Mickey Mouse boots are rated for temperatures colder than -20 F.

Does the boot have a liner?
The boot has no liner, all of the insulation is sealed between two water tight rubber layers. This is what makes the Mickey Mouse boots so great! You can step into a stream at -0 temperatures, fill the boot to the top, dump it out and it will still keep your foot warm because the liner stays dry!

My Mickey Mouse boots have a hole in them, how do I fix it?
Either use a rubber innertube tire patch kit, or use “Aqua Seal” or any good silicone sealant.

My Mickey Moues boots are cracking, is there anything I can do about it?
Most cracking and weather checking is nothing to worry about, but if you are concerned a good silicone sealant spread over the effected area should help.

My boots have water inside the linings how can I get it out?
You can not get water out of the lining if you happen to get it in there. There are no known solutions for removing water from the inside lining.

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